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Never trust your process monitor.  On occasion, you'll need/want to bounce your process scheduler* and quick check of process monitor will ensure that you won't wack any running jobs … but beware, the process monitor page can and will lie to you.  Use the following SQL (current as of PT 8.4X) to query the database to actually see what's running.  

(* bouncing PRCS to remove file and memory cache is not, always, in my opinion, needed as it was a few years ago; however, it's undenieable effective at ruling out cache issues).

Quick and dirty SQL to do this:

set echo on feed on time on;
set pagesize 50000;

       8,'Cancelled',9,'Success',10,'Not Successful',11,'Posted',12,'Unable to post',13,'Resend',
      14,'Posting',15,'Content Generated',16,'Pending',runstatus) "RUNSTATUS DESC"
from     psprcsrqst
where RUNSTATUS in (6,7)


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