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Malware Targeting Apple iPad Users

Well, it was too good to last and too tempting a target to ignore. Malware specifically targeting Apple iPad users has been found in the wild, according to Sabina Datcu, a technology writer for the anti-virus firm BitDefender. 

The iPad is not the actual target- the malware actually attempts to infect the Windows PCs that the update is done from.

The malware payload, "Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY", is delivered by clicking a link in an email specifically crafted for iPad users. The email prompts the user to download to the "latest version of iTunes", telling them that they should keep their iPad software updated “for best performance, newer features and security”. (Yes, you always want to keep your malware updated!) The bogus links send victims to a convincing-looking "download" page

The "Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY" malware then injects itself into the explorer.exe process in order to steal passwords, serial numbers and other data. Mac users, and iPads themselves, are not affected by the Windows attack.

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