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iTunes Has Been Hacked, And You’re On The Spot For It

That's right, iTunes has been fully hacked, and your account is quite possibly up for grabs, as are the details of your personal information and your credit cards. Wasn't the whole "We're-Apple-and-we-control-what-gets-into-the-App-Store" thing supposed to prevent this exact scenario? But it's worse than that.

So, iTunes has been hacked and hacked quite thoroughly, according to reports. A number of rogue "app farms" are gobbling up credit card details, stealing information, and who knows what else. The problem is widespread, well-done, and Apple has been caught asleep at the switch again.

Apple rather lackadaisical response has been to tell the people whose accounts were misused to "change their password and credit card". Right, so simple, no problem. I'll just run right out and do that. No, really, I was hoping to spend the day telling my bank that they have to issue me a new card, like, right now, this minute, on the double.

But wait a minute…wasn't this the whole reason that Apple wanted to approve apps – so that they could keep the garbage and scamware out? Apple keeps tight control over the contents of the App Store, rejecting apps for all sorts of blatantly idiotic reasons, but somehow they failed to notice that there were "developers" who had almost 5,000 apps listed?  I mean, really….can any developer really put together almost 5,000 apps?

This kind of thing should have been a HUGE red flag to Apple, but apparently as long as the money kept flowing they were content to ignore warning signs.

Here's another thought to ponder:  if harm is done with apps approved by Apple… shouldn't Apple then be liable for the fraud done by them?

Once again, I'm glad I never got an iPhone, an iPad, and iPod, or an iHack. There's enough trouble in the world without Apple actually helping the scammers to rip me off.

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