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Microsoft: Hey, We’ll Have A Tablet Too (Someday)

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, stated that the company would release a variety of tablets and "smart devices" within the next few months. Ballmer made the statement in his keynote speech in Washington, D.C. at the Worldwide Partner Conference. The problem is that a) no one really believes this, and b) no one really cares, even if it turns out to be true.

Ballmer said, "Over the course of the next several months, you will see a range of Windows 7-based slates that I think you'll find quite impressive." Given Microsoft's gruesomely poor track record in producing timely and competitive consumer electronic devices, I would suggest that you don't hold your breath. What's likely to come out of Redmond will be strangely named, unexciting devices that may or may not work, and that probably won't be worth the purchase price.

Another unavoidable issue is that Windows 7 is big, and was never intended to be used in mobile devices. It's just not well-suited for the task of running things like phones and tables, which is probably why companies such as LG are abandoning Windows 7. To put it bluntly, Windows 7 isn't a relevant player in the mobile market. Using Windows 7 to run a phone is like driving an aircraft carrier to the mini-mart.

The only apparent ray of hope that Microsoft could actually do something innovative this time is the fact that they announced their plans to partner with Dell, Samsung, and Toshiba to produce the actual hardware. These are companies that know how to build a widget, but being "partners" with Microsoft is similar to being "partners" with the hangman- your participation may have a downside.

Ballmer stated that pricing would be adjusted so as to compete with Apple's iPad. In other words, similar to the XBox, they may sell it for less than it costs to make it, hoping to lock up some market share. Then, and only then wil the price-gouging begin.

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