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Facebook Hacked Again? Say It Isn’t So!

Since news of new Facebook hacks continue to appear with the regularity of the rising Sun, we'll soon be changing the name of this blog to "Daily Facebook Hacks". Or maybe "Facebook Hack Of The Hour". Yes, gentle reader, shocking as it may be, another Facebook exploit was just announced. This time it's a spam campaign that's hijacking user accounts and posting messages on the "Wall" feature of user profiles.

For non-Facebook using people, Facebook's "Wall" feature allows users (and spammers!) to post comments on friends' profiles. But a new shiny new exploit is is responsible for posting a flood of delicious spammy goodness on user's Wall pages. The security company Fortinet says that the spam messages link to "typical spam sites", like online pill stores.

Hard to believe, isn't it, especially considering Facebook's stellar record of security? *cough*

Fortinet’s Global Security Research Team released an advisory that stated, "While hijacked accounts have not been proved to be utilised for anything beyond posting relatively innocuous spam, it is not a stretch to think that links to drive-by-install malicious sites could be injected at some point."

Boy, who could have seen that coming? Next they'll be telling me that those Nigerian guys who want to send me 46 million dollars aren't real, either.

As usual, any of the approximately 450 million* people foolish enough to use Facebook should be extra careful when presented with what appears to be a Facebook login page, or when following a link in a "friend's" message. It may not go to where you think it goes to…but you knew that already, didn't you?

That's all for now. Facebook users may now finish their Lunchables, and let us big people go back to work.

* That's an actual number, not one that I made up the way I usually do.

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