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Facebook Hack #641,287: The “Dislike” Button

Facebook users by and large have the inherent gullibility of a 2-year old. They'll fall for anything, which makes them the proverbial low-hanging fruit of the internet. The latest shiny thing they can be tricked into clicking on is the "Dislike Button", which of course is just another way to trick them into displaying their infinite (and idiotic) propensity for trusting anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Seriously, what is it with Facebook users? Are they all subnormal in terms of intelligence, or do they put a DumbChip® in your head when you join up? A new push-this-button hack is making the rounds of Facebook, spread through a message that says 'I just got the Dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!'

This fabulously clever message tricks users into believing that they'll be able to "dislike" posts as well as "like" them. But it's just the latest 'survey scam', fooling Facebook users into into allowing a malicious Facebook application permission to access their profile, which then gleefully proceeds to post spam messages from their account. Who could have seen that coming? (Okay, who over the age of two could have seen that coming?)

When suckers Facebook users complete the online survey it makes money for the scammers. Then it redirects the suckers Facebook users to a Firefox browser add-on for a Facebook "dislike button" developed by FaceMod. But FaceMod isn't involved in the scam- "their browser add-on is simply being used as bait," says Sophos security blogger Graham Cluley."

So here's to you, Facebook users! You keep clickin' so we can keep laughing.

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