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It’s Official: Silverlight Is Pointless

Microsoft has now officially admitted that the Silverlight platform is a waste of time for users, deveopers, and practically everyone else, too. The company failed to make Silverlight compelling to anyone in any meaningful way and is scaling back their efforts to promote it, claiming now that that it's a "development platform for Windows Phone”, according to Bob Muglia, Microsoft’s SVP of the Server and Tools Business.

Muglia is now trying to promote Silverlight as a viable platform for smartphones, but in light of Android's success and wide adoption, it looks like this will be another time-wasting flop for Microsoft.

It looks like Microsoft finally got the clue that no one is interested in yet another proprietary solution that locks them in to Redmond's plan for World Domination. They finally figured out that it’s going to be nearly impossible to gain any traction in the new developer world order with Silverlight, which has almosr zero market penetration. Instead, HTML5, will  soon everywhere. And "everywhere" includes Apple’s devices.

“HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including (Apple’s) iOS platform,” said Muglia.

What makes this funny is that only a year ago Muglia and former Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie were busy telling anyone who would listen that Silverlight would become a new de-facto standard, "just like Adobe’s Flash". *cough*

But the failure of Silverlight isn't really news- it's just another failed Microsoft technology that can now be added to their patented Pile Of Bad Ideas.

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