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Apache Foundation “Goes To War” With Oracle

The Apache Foundation has declared "war" on Oracle over the recent developments in the Java language, specifically over licensing issues and the announcement that Oracle plans to split the Java language into "paid" and "unpaid" versions.

The Apache Software Foundation is working to gather support among its members with the goal of blocking the next version of Java if Oracle doesn't make it available under a license amenable to Apache. The ASF, a nonprofit organization, has also indicated that it could end its involvement in the JCP if the planned licensing restrictions aren't changed and Oracle continues to enforce restrictions on open-source Java use.

The aim is to convince the Java Community Process (JCP) to vote against the next proposed version of the language. Should such a vote succeed, the Java language would be dealt a serious setback, and the developer community would suffer as a whole. The impact on Oracle wouldn't be minor, either.

In an interview with the IDG News Service, Jim Jagielski, president of the Apache Software Foundation, commented, "Why would we want to be in an organization where the rules of law don't matter? Our being on the JCP Executive Committee would be a sham. It would show that the community doesn't matter, that we'd basically cave into Oracle pushing stuff through, whether or not it would be in the best interest of the community."

In October, the ASF was ratified for another three-year term on the JCP Executive Committee by a 95 percent margin. With this strong show of support the ASF is aiming to influence Oracle and get them to withdraw the Field-of-Use (FOU) restrictions that Sun Microsystems, the Java trademark's former owner, has drawn up.

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