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Evil Intentions is written by “Mike”, a tech-industry figure who spent most of his life avoiding work, and who casts a skeptical eye on practically everything. Mike is tired and cranky most of the time. Mike enjoys good books, cleaning his guns, and telling kids to get off of his lawn. There are no known warrants out for his arrest at this time.


Yeah, yeah, whatever. Welcome to Evil Intentions, my blog about security concepts and methods. This blog covers various aspects of database and web security, safe coding practices, and occasionally highlight tragic and/or embarrassing tech-related situations. Names will be changed to protect the guilty or easily-embarrassed (unless I know you, and then I’ll probably include your address and home phone number).

Got an amusing tech story to tell? So what, keep it to yourself. On second thought, send it in and maybe I’ll publish it. Or maybe I’ll steal it and claim it was my story all along, which would be quite an honor for you, really. I don’t care. Hey, I gotta go, it’s time for Matlock.