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Brand New Flash Vulnerability “in the wild”

Adobe late Friday warned that attackers are exploiting a "critical vulnerability" in the company's most widely-used software: Flash Player and Adobe Reader. The zero-day vulnerability is similar to one Adobe patched in July 2009. Amusingly, this one comes just days after the company's head of security admitted that hackers have its software in their crosshairs. […]

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The New “Simplified” Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has taken a lot of heat over their deceptive and abusive privacy policy, and also over the fact that the privacy settings on Facebook are a nightmare to manage- more than 50 different settings with over 170 options spread across seven pages. Many of the settings are poorly labeled or unclear in the scope […]

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The Newest Hacking Threat: Rogue Subdomains

It seems that in their never-ending quest to find new ways to avoid detection, hackers have have ramped up the use of an exploit technique that has, up to now, not been widely used. The technique involves modifying a (compromised) site's DNS settings to use add "hidden" subdomains that serve up malware, either directly or […]

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Gumblar Botnet Gets Trickier

A report from ThreatPost.com says the Gumblar botnet is shifting tactics in order to evade detection, but also to try and keep botnet researchers from obtaining and analyzing the new versions of Gumblar. Apparently, the newer versions perform a test to see what country a newly-infected machine is located in. This geolocation check happens during […]

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Exporting Oracle to PostgreSQL

Just a slick little tool for anyone who needs to export an Oracle database to PostgreSQL: Ora2Pg. Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects to your Oracle database, scans it automatically, and extracts its structure or data. It then generates SQL scripts that you […]

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Evil, Evil Facebook

Is Facebook Secretly Adding Apps To Your Profile? When software is secretly installed on your computer without your permision, it's called malware. But what is it when Facebook does it? What if when you visited certain sites while logged in to Facebook, an app for those sites was secretly added to your Facebook profile? What […]

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The Largest Link-Hack In History

No matter what your web site does or what it's about, it's the target of spammers, and by extension, the target of hackers. Spammers want to fill your site with links to their spammy products (pills, software, etc). Since any reputable site owner isn't going to willingly install spam links, the way to do this […]

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Large Scale Gmail Spam Attack?

Rumors have been circulating on the intarwebs about a sudden increase in hacked Gmail accounts for the last few days, and it now looks like it's confirmed. Robert McMillan from PC World reports in that "Google is investigating a growing number of reports that hackers are breaking into legitimate Gmail accounts and then using them […]

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Biometric IDs: A Really, Really Bad Idea

A lot of security "experts" like to push the idea of "biometric security", that is, using some part of your biological identity (a fingerprint, a retinal pattern, etc) to use as an access code instead of crusty old things like passwords. This sounds great, I mean, only you have your fingerprints, right? And who could […]

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Death To The Bots

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few years (and we mean a cave without internet access), you're probably aware of "bots", which are scripts that run constantly, roaming around the web looking for forms to fill out. They hit every form on every page they stumble across, and they do this […]

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