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Is It The End For AOL?

America Online, at one-time the largest ISP in the world, looks like it may be in its death throes. Once famous for mailing out millions upon millions of AOL subscription CDs*, the company recently reported some grim figures for profits that show AOL going from from a $90M net profit last year to a $1B […]

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Microsoft: Ad Dollars Are More Important Than Your Privacy

You've got to hand it to Microsoft. And if you don't hand it to them, they'll just come and take it. An article in the Wall Street Journal details how Microsoft made a decision to throw away your privacy in return for money from advertising companies. According to the article, a "heated debate" ensued when […]

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Ballmer To Apple: Stop Being So Successful

With some businesses today, it's not enough that you succeed- others must fail. And nothing could be truer of that mindset than with Microsoft. Steve Ballmer recently showed this clearly through a comment he made about Apple's iPad. Basically, the comment boiled down to this: we measure our success by how badly you do, not […]

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Facebook Hacked Again? Say It Isn’t So!

Since news of new Facebook hacks continue to appear with the regularity of the rising Sun, we'll soon be changing the name of this blog to "Daily Facebook Hacks". Or maybe "Facebook Hack Of The Hour". Yes, gentle reader, shocking as it may be, another Facebook exploit was just announced. This time it's a spam […]

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At Siemens, We Just Don’t Care

Bad News for users of Siemens devices that run the WinCC operating system: Siemens deliberately made their system running WinCC deeply vulnerable, knew about the problem for 2 or more years, and made a command decision to do….nothing. That's right: Siemens built a seriously stupid vulnerability into their systems and then ignored it for over […]

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Dude, You’re Getting A Trojan!

As an added (but unwanted) service, it appears that computer maker Dell is shipping motherboards that come pre-infected with a firmware-based trojan. Dell has confirmed that some of the firm's PowerEdge R410 server motherboards "contain spyware of unspecified function". "Dude, you're getting a Trojan!"

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How to Hack Millions of Routers

More Good News: most home routers, like the one you're using right now, are "easily hackable".  A researcher named Craig Heffner from the security consultancy company Seismic says about half the existing models of home routers are vulnerable to hackers. This includes most Linksys, Dell, and Verizon FiOS or DSL routers, plus others. The technique […]

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Spammers Move To “Disposable Domains”

Spammers, like all primitive forms of life, continue to evolve in ways calculated to enhance their viability or survival potential. The most recently observed wrinkle they've come up with is using short-lived or "disposable" domain names.  These are domains that they use for only a few hours before switching to the next one.

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Microsoft: Hey, We’ll Have A Tablet Too (Someday)

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, stated that the company would release a variety of tablets and "smart devices" within the next few months. Ballmer made the statement in his keynote speech in Washington, D.C. at the Worldwide Partner Conference. The problem is that a) no one really believes this, and b) no one really cares, even […]

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Apple Adds Shiny New Lock To Barn Door; Horses Still Missing

In a follow-up to yesterday's post on how Apple's App Store has been hacked and compromised, we now have exciting news: Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller released a statement detailing the fancy new lock that Apple is going to install on the store's barn door "real soon now".

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