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Lazy Programmer Creates QuickTime Vulnerability

Ruben Santamarta, a Spanish security researcher from Wintercore, published an article detailing a new vulnerability he's uncovered in Apple's QuickTime software. The beauty of this flaw is two-fold: it can bypass both ASLR and DEP in XP, Windows 7, and Vista so as to give an attacker complete control of a PC, and the bug […]

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Ballmer To Apple: Stop Being So Successful

With some businesses today, it's not enough that you succeed- others must fail. And nothing could be truer of that mindset than with Microsoft. Steve Ballmer recently showed this clearly through a comment he made about Apple's iPad. Basically, the comment boiled down to this: we measure our success by how badly you do, not […]

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Microsoft: Hey, We’ll Have A Tablet Too (Someday)

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, stated that the company would release a variety of tablets and "smart devices" within the next few months. Ballmer made the statement in his keynote speech in Washington, D.C. at the Worldwide Partner Conference. The problem is that a) no one really believes this, and b) no one really cares, even […]

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Apple Adds Shiny New Lock To Barn Door; Horses Still Missing

In a follow-up to yesterday's post on how Apple's App Store has been hacked and compromised, we now have exciting news: Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller released a statement detailing the fancy new lock that Apple is going to install on the store's barn door "real soon now".

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iTunes Has Been Hacked, And You’re On The Spot For It

That's right, iTunes has been fully hacked, and your account is quite possibly up for grabs, as are the details of your personal information and your credit cards. Wasn't the whole "We're-Apple-and-we-control-what-gets-into-the-App-Store" thing supposed to prevent this exact scenario? But it's worse than that.

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Another reason I’ll never buy an iPad or iPhone

As if I needed one, here's another reason I'll never buy an iPad or iPhone. The new updated iTunes terms of service give Apple the absolute right and power to collect and share your  "precise, real-time location". Like, there's no way this could ever be abused, right? Not by stalkers or marketers or the government, […]

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