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Zeus Botnet Traps Researchers With Honeypot

The authors of a recent Zeus Trojan exploit, which targeted federal taxpayers, also set up a special honeypot trap for researchers who might investigate the attack. They set up a phony "administrative panel" that fed the researchers fake statistics on the number of Zeus-infected machines, as well as fake "botnet" software that actually gathered intelligence […]

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Spammers Move To “Disposable Domains”

Spammers, like all primitive forms of life, continue to evolve in ways calculated to enhance their viability or survival potential. The most recently observed wrinkle they've come up with is using short-lived or "disposable" domain names.  These are domains that they use for only a few hours before switching to the next one.

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Security Through Ubiquity? For Botnets, It Works

You may be familiar with "security through obscurity", a principle in security engineering which attempts to use secrecy of design, implementation, or other factors to provide security. Security through obscurity is a poor design concept in general and is widely derided among professionals. But what about security through ubiquity, "ubiquity" in this case meaning multiple […]

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FTC shuts down porn- and botnet-loaded ISP

The Federal Trade Commission acted today to effectively kill off the Internet Service Provider 3FN, who the agency said ran an operation primarily devoted to hosting spam, porn, botnets, phishing and a variety of other malicious Web content. The ISP's servers (along with its other assets) have been seized for sale, and the ISP has […]

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Gumblar Botnet Gets Trickier

A report from ThreatPost.com says the Gumblar botnet is shifting tactics in order to evade detection, but also to try and keep botnet researchers from obtaining and analyzing the new versions of Gumblar. Apparently, the newer versions perform a test to see what country a newly-infected machine is located in. This geolocation check happens during […]

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Finally: Build A Botnet, Go To Jail

Build a botnet, go to jail- that's the way it should be. If all goes well, two botnet builders fromTexas will spend some real time in prison for building and spreading their botnet over the internet. According to court documents, David Anthony Edwards will plead guilty to charges that he and another jerk man, Thomas […]

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Death To The Bots

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few years (and we mean a cave without internet access), you're probably aware of "bots", which are scripts that run constantly, roaming around the web looking for forms to fill out. They hit every form on every page they stumble across, and they do this […]

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