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Free Malware, Courtesy of Network Solutions

Sometimes you have to wonder if key people at large companies just are asleep at the switch, or if anyone is even at the switch. Or if there's even a switch to begin with. Word comes from Net-Security.org that Network Solutions, one of the largest registrars in the world, has been serving up heapin' helpings […]

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At Siemens, We Just Don’t Care

Bad News for users of Siemens devices that run the WinCC operating system: Siemens deliberately made their system running WinCC deeply vulnerable, knew about the problem for 2 or more years, and made a command decision to do….nothing. That's right: Siemens built a seriously stupid vulnerability into their systems and then ignored it for over […]

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Dude, You’re Getting A Trojan!

As an added (but unwanted) service, it appears that computer maker Dell is shipping motherboards that come pre-infected with a firmware-based trojan. Dell has confirmed that some of the firm's PowerEdge R410 server motherboards "contain spyware of unspecified function". "Dude, you're getting a Trojan!"

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Massive SQL Injection Attack Nails Sites Running IIS

There's a massive attack currently taking place that's targeting servers running Microsoft's IIS. The attack results in infecting the sites with a malicious script, and has already compromised "tens of thousands" of sites already, according to an article on threatpost.com. The attack was first noticed earlier this week and has  affected a number of high-profile […]

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The Newest Hacking Threat: Rogue Subdomains

It seems that in their never-ending quest to find new ways to avoid detection, hackers have have ramped up the use of an exploit technique that has, up to now, not been widely used. The technique involves modifying a (compromised) site's DNS settings to use add "hidden" subdomains that serve up malware, either directly or […]

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Microsoft Secretly Fixes Two Severe Bugs

A recent security patch from Microsoft secretly patched two "severe" exploits that posed a risk to Windows users. Microsoft didn't fully disclose the exploits, putting Windows users at risk. According to Nicolás Economou, a researcher with Core Security, Microsoft patch MS10-024 fixed two serious bugs that made it possible for malicious users to easily intercept […]

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Possible Internet Breakage On May 5th

On May 5 2010, Phase 1 of the DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) protocol will be pushed out to the 13 root servers that control domain name lookups worldwide. For some businesses and end users, internet access may come to an abrupt halt shortly afterward. "Oh noes, teh intarweb is broken!" Yes, parts of […]

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Good News For Stalkers

Security Researchers Find All GSM Phones Open To Hacking & Tracking Yes, it's good news for stalkers and indentity thieves everywhere: Don Bailey from iSec Partners and security researcher Nick DePetrillo have found a vulnerability in all GSM cell phones that can give an attacker the unrestricted ability to locate any GSM handset anywhere in […]

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Death To The Bots

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few years (and we mean a cave without internet access), you're probably aware of "bots", which are scripts that run constantly, roaming around the web looking for forms to fill out. They hit every form on every page they stumble across, and they do this […]

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Little Bobby Tables

If you don't get the reference to the title of this post, maybe this will help: This probably made you laugh, but the "Little Bobby Tables" problem illustrates a real-world exploit that is used by hackers and malicious users every single day. The formal name for this kind of exploit is "SQL Injection", and it's […]

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