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Twitter Exploit Soils The Internet

A security flaw is curently being exploited on Twitter, AKA The Confetti Of The Internet. Reportedly it's just blocking access to accessing user's Twitter home pages and also auto-retweeting the exploit code whenever you move your mouse over parts of the page. However, there have also been reports (not surprisingly) of the exploit being used […]

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A Vulnerability In IE8? I’m So Shocked!

A serious data-stealing vulnerability in IE8 has come to light, but it's not new- it's been quietly stealing data (possibly yours) since at least December 2009 (and perhaps much longer than that, too. Now, get ready to put on your "shocked face",  because it turns out that Microsoft has known about it for at least […]

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How to Hack Millions of Routers

More Good News: most home routers, like the one you're using right now, are "easily hackable".  A researcher named Craig Heffner from the security consultancy company Seismic says about half the existing models of home routers are vulnerable to hackers. This includes most Linksys, Dell, and Verizon FiOS or DSL routers, plus others. The technique […]

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YouTube Stung By HTML Injection Attack

YouTube users got a special treat on July 4th- a large-scale attack was done against thousands of pages on the site using a simple HTML injection vulnerability in the comment system. The attack caused effects such as blacked out pages with enormous text scrolling across them, blanked out pages, and lots of redirects to "shock […]

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Brand New Flash Vulnerability “in the wild”

Adobe late Friday warned that attackers are exploiting a "critical vulnerability" in the company's most widely-used software: Flash Player and Adobe Reader. The zero-day vulnerability is similar to one Adobe patched in July 2009. Amusingly, this one comes just days after the company's head of security admitted that hackers have its software in their crosshairs. […]

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A Fun New Exploit Called “Tab-napping”

Named with a nod to the word "kidnapping", Brian Krebs details a nifty new exploit that's bound to make it's way to your browser sooner or later. This new phishing exploit relies on user inattention and your trust in browser tabs, and  is likely to fool even the most security-savvy web surfers. Mozilla Firefox creative […]

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Critical Flaw Found In Almost All Anti-Virus Software

From the Now-It's-Time-To-Panic department: The Register just published an article claiming that Matousec, a software security  testing service, has uncovered a relatively simple way to bypass nearly all antivirus software (McAfee, Trend Micro, AVG, BitDefender, and others).  The trick is based on sending non-malicious code to the antivirus driver hooks, and then swapping it out […]

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Finally: Build A Botnet, Go To Jail

Build a botnet, go to jail- that's the way it should be. If all goes well, two botnet builders fromTexas will spend some real time in prison for building and spreading their botnet over the internet. According to court documents, David Anthony Edwards will plead guilty to charges that he and another jerk man, Thomas […]

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The Largest Link-Hack In History

No matter what your web site does or what it's about, it's the target of spammers, and by extension, the target of hackers. Spammers want to fill your site with links to their spammy products (pills, software, etc). Since any reputable site owner isn't going to willingly install spam links, the way to do this […]

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