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YouTube Stung By HTML Injection Attack

YouTube users got a special treat on July 4th- a large-scale attack was done against thousands of pages on the site using a simple HTML injection vulnerability in the comment system. The attack caused effects such as blacked out pages with enormous text scrolling across them, blanked out pages, and lots of redirects to "shock […]

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Massive SQL Injection Attack Nails Sites Running IIS

There's a massive attack currently taking place that's targeting servers running Microsoft's IIS. The attack results in infecting the sites with a malicious script, and has already compromised "tens of thousands" of sites already, according to an article on threatpost.com. The attack was first noticed earlier this week and has  affected a number of high-profile […]

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Little Bobby Tables

If you don't get the reference to the title of this post, maybe this will help: This probably made you laugh, but the "Little Bobby Tables" problem illustrates a real-world exploit that is used by hackers and malicious users every single day. The formal name for this kind of exploit is "SQL Injection", and it's […]

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