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Oracle’s New ‘Private Cloud’ Appliance

Things are heating up in the appliance world. Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison took the lead at the keynote of Oracle OpenWorld to announce the launch of 'Exalogic Elastic Compute Cloud' (EECC), which is a slick new box that contains both a full server and storage hardware.

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It’s Official: Microsoft Is “Uncool”

As if this would come as a surprise to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, the NY Times has this quote from Tim O'Reilly: "Microsoft is totally off the radar of the cool, hip, cutting-edge software developers."

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mySQL Outpacing Oracle? Say It Isn’t So

Some interesting results from the 2010 Eclipse User Survey involving trends in open source usage, from InfoWorld's Savio Rodrigues: Linux usage among developers is on the rise, at the expense of Windows MySQL has pulled ahead of Oracle, by a factor of 3-to-2, as the database of choice among Eclipse developers. Enterprise JavaBeans and Spring […]

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