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Zeus Botnet Traps Researchers With Honeypot

The authors of a recent Zeus Trojan exploit, which targeted federal taxpayers, also set up a special honeypot trap for researchers who might investigate the attack. They set up a phony "administrative panel" that fed the researchers fake statistics on the number of Zeus-infected machines, as well as fake "botnet" software that actually gathered intelligence […]

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Twitter Exploit Soils The Internet

A security flaw is curently being exploited on Twitter, AKA The Confetti Of The Internet. Reportedly it's just blocking access to accessing user's Twitter home pages and also auto-retweeting the exploit code whenever you move your mouse over parts of the page. However, there have also been reports (not surprisingly) of the exploit being used […]

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Free Malware, Courtesy of Network Solutions

Sometimes you have to wonder if key people at large companies just are asleep at the switch, or if anyone is even at the switch. Or if there's even a switch to begin with. Word comes from Net-Security.org that Network Solutions, one of the largest registrars in the world, has been serving up heapin' helpings […]

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At Siemens, We Just Don’t Care

Bad News for users of Siemens devices that run the WinCC operating system: Siemens deliberately made their system running WinCC deeply vulnerable, knew about the problem for 2 or more years, and made a command decision to do….nothing. That's right: Siemens built a seriously stupid vulnerability into their systems and then ignored it for over […]

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Dude, You’re Getting A Trojan!

As an added (but unwanted) service, it appears that computer maker Dell is shipping motherboards that come pre-infected with a firmware-based trojan. Dell has confirmed that some of the firm's PowerEdge R410 server motherboards "contain spyware of unspecified function". "Dude, you're getting a Trojan!"

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Brand New Flash Vulnerability “in the wild”

Adobe late Friday warned that attackers are exploiting a "critical vulnerability" in the company's most widely-used software: Flash Player and Adobe Reader. The zero-day vulnerability is similar to one Adobe patched in July 2009. Amusingly, this one comes just days after the company's head of security admitted that hackers have its software in their crosshairs. […]

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Another Exploit Just For Facebook

It seems like Facebook is the hacking community's wet dream, the sunny playland that's always packed with childlike users who are easily convinced to hand over the keys to their privacy and security. For about the last day or so a series of attacks have exploited Facebook's 'Like' feature through a simple clickjacking exploit. Using […]

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A Fun New Exploit Called “Tab-napping”

Named with a nod to the word "kidnapping", Brian Krebs details a nifty new exploit that's bound to make it's way to your browser sooner or later. This new phishing exploit relies on user inattention and your trust in browser tabs, and  is likely to fool even the most security-savvy web surfers. Mozilla Firefox creative […]

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The Newest Hacking Threat: Rogue Subdomains

It seems that in their never-ending quest to find new ways to avoid detection, hackers have have ramped up the use of an exploit technique that has, up to now, not been widely used. The technique involves modifying a (compromised) site's DNS settings to use add "hidden" subdomains that serve up malware, either directly or […]

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FTC shuts down porn- and botnet-loaded ISP

The Federal Trade Commission acted today to effectively kill off the Internet Service Provider 3FN, who the agency said ran an operation primarily devoted to hosting spam, porn, botnets, phishing and a variety of other malicious Web content. The ISP's servers (along with its other assets) have been seized for sale, and the ISP has […]

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