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Massive SQL Injection Attack Nails Sites Running IIS

There's a massive attack currently taking place that's targeting servers running Microsoft's IIS. The attack results in infecting the sites with a malicious script, and has already compromised "tens of thousands" of sites already, according to an article on threatpost.com. The attack was first noticed earlier this week and has  affected a number of high-profile […]

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Google: “Hey guys, watch this!” (kaboom)

Tens of millions of users woke up this morning,went to Google, and immediately recoiled in horror. The lovely, graceful white Google page had been replaced with a glaring image of…something. Whatever it was, it was unexpected, distracting, and unwelcome. Questions flew: Was Google hacked? Is it April Fools Day already? Has my two-year old been […]

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Microsoft Secretly Fixes Two Severe Bugs

A recent security patch from Microsoft secretly patched two "severe" exploits that posed a risk to Windows users. Microsoft didn't fully disclose the exploits, putting Windows users at risk. According to Nicolás Economou, a researcher with Core Security, Microsoft patch MS10-024 fixed two serious bugs that made it possible for malicious users to easily intercept […]

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