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SunSolve: Going, Going, Gone

Today is the last day that the SunSolve support service center will officially be available. Oracle released the final pre-deployment details today for the "decommissioning" of SunSolve and is now ramping up its replacement, My Oracle Support, which is slated to take the reins in the support arena immediately. Sun hardware and software users have […]

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Apache Foundation “Goes To War” With Oracle

The Apache Foundation has declared "war" on Oracle over the recent developments in the Java language, specifically over licensing issues and the announcement that Oracle plans to split the Java language into "paid" and "unpaid" versions.

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Oracle Spends 1 Billion To Buy Art Technology

Oracle Corp. has announced that it will pay roughly $1 billion to acquire Art Technology Group Inc., a maker of e-commerce software. The purchase will add significantly to Oracle's business-software offerings. ATG currently has approximately 1200 enterprise and mid-sized clients around the world to whom they provide cross-channel commerce platforms and software applications. ATG offers […]

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Oracle Says That Google ‘Directly Copied’ Their Java Code

Oracle has now amended the lawsuit it filed against Google back in August, stating that they believe that 'approximately one third of Android's Application Programmer Interface (API) packages' are 'derivative of Oracle's copyrighted Java API packages' and related documents. Is this another "SCO"-style lawsuit, without any merit, or did Google really steal Oracle's code? It's […]

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Oracle’s New ‘Private Cloud’ Appliance

Things are heating up in the appliance world. Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison took the lead at the keynote of Oracle OpenWorld to announce the launch of 'Exalogic Elastic Compute Cloud' (EECC), which is a slick new box that contains both a full server and storage hardware.

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Oracle’s Suit Against Google: Unlikely To Prevail

Oracle recently filed suit against Google claiming some not-too-well defined claims of misuse of the Java patents or usage (the exact nature of the suit still hasn't been made completely clear).  But wiser heads than mine have been looking into it, like the savvy folks at Groklaw, and the initial take is that this just […]

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Oracle Sues Google Over Use Of Java

Oracle has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google and the bone of contention is Google's use of Java in the Android smartphone. In theory Java is free to use without royalties, so the tech community is abuzz wondering specifically what  this is all about. Has Google run afoul of the patent grant that governs […]

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Software: Oracle Toolbox

Oracle Toolbox is a collection of PHP scripts that permit you to administer an Oracle database via your Web browser in a single interface. You can find out more about it and get it here: http://www.oracletoolbox.org/ Oracle Toolbox gives you a wealth of information on processes, uptime, stats, and other metrics. It also lets you […]

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Every Oracle Error Known To Man

PSOUG.org has just launched their Oracle Error Reference tool, listing every Oracle "ORA error" in the known universe. Well, probably not every one, since Oracle seems to keep minting new ones almost daily, but this is a pretty comprehensive list of over 18,000 Oracle error codes, their meanings, causes, and remedies. The searchable list also […]

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Exporting Oracle to PostgreSQL

Just a slick little tool for anyone who needs to export an Oracle database to PostgreSQL: Ora2Pg. Ora2Pg is a free tool used to migrate an Oracle database to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects to your Oracle database, scans it automatically, and extracts its structure or data. It then generates SQL scripts that you […]

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