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Facebook: Enemy #1

Facebook has decided (without asking you) that developers of Facebook apps will now be allowed to harvest your personal contact information. Yes, that's as bad as it sounds. Actually, it's even worse if you understand what can be done with this kind of information in the hands of criminals or malicious people.

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If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product

"If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product." It's unclear where that quote first originated but in the internet world, no truer words have been spoken. And that brings us to Facebook, where the users are the product. That's right, Facebook is a service, but the users are the product. More specifically, […]

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Zombie Cookies From Hell

You're pertty savvy when it comes to internet privacy, right? You have cookies turned off by default, and you run NoScript, AdAware, and FlashBlock. You think you're taking reasonable measures to protect your privacy, but you might as well not bother. Zombie cookies are here, and they're nearly impossible to get rid of. It's every […]

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Facebook Launches Location Based Stalking Tool

Facebook announced that it will shortly launche a "Location Based Stalking Tool", err, I mean, "Product". This service will let everyone spy on your current location. In other words your stalkers will know where you are, and your local burglars and bad guys will know where you aren't.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Microsoft: Ad Dollars Are More Important Than Your Privacy

You've got to hand it to Microsoft. And if you don't hand it to them, they'll just come and take it. An article in the Wall Street Journal details how Microsoft made a decision to throw away your privacy in return for money from advertising companies. According to the article, a "heated debate" ensued when […]

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Another reason I’ll never buy an iPad or iPhone

As if I needed one, here's another reason I'll never buy an iPad or iPhone. The new updated iTunes terms of service give Apple the absolute right and power to collect and share your  "precise, real-time location". Like, there's no way this could ever be abused, right? Not by stalkers or marketers or the government, […]

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The New “Simplified” Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has taken a lot of heat over their deceptive and abusive privacy policy, and also over the fact that the privacy settings on Facebook are a nightmare to manage- more than 50 different settings with over 170 options spread across seven pages. Many of the settings are poorly labeled or unclear in the scope […]

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Facebook, MySpace Lie To You Again

From the "I'm-Shocked!-Shocked-I-Tell-You" department: Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, Hi5, Xanga, Digg and other social-networking sites deliberately broke their own stated privacy policies and sent data to advertising companies that could be used to find and identify users' names and other personal details. Facebook calls it a "privacy loophole". I call it dirty dealing, lying, and outright […]

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Evil, Evil Facebook

Is Facebook Secretly Adding Apps To Your Profile? When software is secretly installed on your computer without your permision, it's called malware. But what is it when Facebook does it? What if when you visited certain sites while logged in to Facebook, an app for those sites was secretly added to your Facebook profile? What […]

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Good News For Stalkers

Security Researchers Find All GSM Phones Open To Hacking & Tracking Yes, it's good news for stalkers and indentity thieves everywhere: Don Bailey from iSec Partners and security researcher Nick DePetrillo have found a vulnerability in all GSM cell phones that can give an attacker the unrestricted ability to locate any GSM handset anywhere in […]

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