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Facebook Hacked Again? Say It Isn’t So!

Since news of new Facebook hacks continue to appear with the regularity of the rising Sun, we'll soon be changing the name of this blog to "Daily Facebook Hacks". Or maybe "Facebook Hack Of The Hour". Yes, gentle reader, shocking as it may be, another Facebook exploit was just announced. This time it's a spam […]

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Spammers Move To “Disposable Domains”

Spammers, like all primitive forms of life, continue to evolve in ways calculated to enhance their viability or survival potential. The most recently observed wrinkle they've come up with is using short-lived or "disposable" domain names.  These are domains that they use for only a few hours before switching to the next one.

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Basic Security Guidelines for Programming In Any Language

If you have a website, it's being attacked, probably on a daily basis. Looking at your server logs will almost undoubtedly show you many, many attempts at gaining entry by password-guessing bots or by repeated attempts to exploit your web forms. Expect that every form you use will be attacked mindlessly over and over by […]

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FTC shuts down porn- and botnet-loaded ISP

The Federal Trade Commission acted today to effectively kill off the Internet Service Provider 3FN, who the agency said ran an operation primarily devoted to hosting spam, porn, botnets, phishing and a variety of other malicious Web content. The ISP's servers (along with its other assets) have been seized for sale, and the ISP has […]

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Why I Feel Sorry For Spammers

I feel sorry for spammers. Not because they're worthless pukebags who would sell their 5-year old sister for a dollar to a gang of pedophiles, or because they're greedy liars who would knife their own grandmother for a couple of fresh email addresses. (I'm specifically referring to spammers, not hackers, or phishers, or malware distributors- […]

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Large Scale Gmail Spam Attack?

Rumors have been circulating on the intarwebs about a sudden increase in hacked Gmail accounts for the last few days, and it now looks like it's confirmed. Robert McMillan from PC World reports in that "Google is investigating a growing number of reports that hackers are breaking into legitimate Gmail accounts and then using them […]

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Death To The Bots

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few years (and we mean a cave without internet access), you're probably aware of "bots", which are scripts that run constantly, roaming around the web looking for forms to fill out. They hit every form on every page they stumble across, and they do this […]

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