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Facebook Hack #641,287: The “Dislike” Button

Facebook users by and large have the inherent gullibility of a 2-year old. They'll fall for anything, which makes them the proverbial low-hanging fruit of the internet. The latest shiny thing they can be tricked into clicking on is the "Dislike Button", which of course is just another way to trick them into displaying their […]

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Awesome GoDaddy Phishing Email

The scammers and phishers have outsone themselves with an extremely credible phishing email that appears to come from GoDaddy. It's a work of art- no misspelled words, images drawn directly from GoDaddy's servers, a believable "From:" address, and none of the obvious hallmarks of your typical phishing email. And it's fooled quite a few people […]

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The Largest Link-Hack In History

No matter what your web site does or what it's about, it's the target of spammers, and by extension, the target of hackers. Spammers want to fill your site with links to their spammy products (pills, software, etc). Since any reputable site owner isn't going to willingly install spam links, the way to do this […]

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Why I Feel Sorry For Spammers

I feel sorry for spammers. Not because they're worthless pukebags who would sell their 5-year old sister for a dollar to a gang of pedophiles, or because they're greedy liars who would knife their own grandmother for a couple of fresh email addresses. (I'm specifically referring to spammers, not hackers, or phishers, or malware distributors- […]

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