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Another reason I’ll never buy an iPad or iPhone

As if I needed one, here's another reason I'll never buy an iPad or iPhone. The new updated iTunes terms of service give Apple the absolute right and power to collect and share your  "precise, real-time location". Like, there's no way this could ever be abused, right? Not by stalkers or marketers or the government, […]

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FTC shuts down porn- and botnet-loaded ISP

The Federal Trade Commission acted today to effectively kill off the Internet Service Provider 3FN, who the agency said ran an operation primarily devoted to hosting spam, porn, botnets, phishing and a variety of other malicious Web content. The ISP's servers (along with its other assets) have been seized for sale, and the ISP has […]

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Evil, Evil Facebook

Is Facebook Secretly Adding Apps To Your Profile? When software is secretly installed on your computer without your permision, it's called malware. But what is it when Facebook does it? What if when you visited certain sites while logged in to Facebook, an app for those sites was secretly added to your Facebook profile? What […]

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Malware Targeting Apple iPad Users

Well, it was too good to last and too tempting a target to ignore. Malware specifically targeting Apple iPad users has been found in the wild, according to Sabina Datcu, a technology writer for the anti-virus firm BitDefender.  The iPad is not the actual target- the malware actually attempts to infect the Windows PCs that […]

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