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Microsoft: “Yesterday’s Technology Tomorrow!”

Leave it to Microsoft to keep innovating in the dark as if their development labs were built from left-over bits of Rupe Goldberg's yard sale. Microsoft has an unparalleled knack for bringing out new products that underperfom in every meaningful way, and which then promptly sink like a rock. The latest stillborn creation is the […]

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Another reason I’ll never buy an iPad or iPhone

As if I needed one, here's another reason I'll never buy an iPad or iPhone. The new updated iTunes terms of service give Apple the absolute right and power to collect and share your  "precise, real-time location". Like, there's no way this could ever be abused, right? Not by stalkers or marketers or the government, […]

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Google: “Hey guys, watch this!” (kaboom)

Tens of millions of users woke up this morning,went to Google, and immediately recoiled in horror. The lovely, graceful white Google page had been replaced with a glaring image of…something. Whatever it was, it was unexpected, distracting, and unwelcome. Questions flew: Was Google hacked? Is it April Fools Day already? Has my two-year old been […]

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