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PSOUG / Still curious about what really happened
« on: March 30, 2009, 10:37:09 AM »
So the forum "policy guide" mandates that we act nice. Great, I am all for that. In the interests of telling the whole truth without lying, disparaging, casting libel, disambiguity, etc, what really happened? =) So Mr. Dan Morgan left to pursue his own interests; great, fine.

For example, Dan seemed to have been the spokesperson for the PSOUG Online initiative. Although he had a schedule and was taking orders, now I see that the Online Learning Center is suddenly dark ("coming soon"). When is "coming soon"? What happened to the previous schedule? For those of us who registered for classes, is anything going on next week, or is the whole thing canned?

Again, I am not interested in the dirty details, nor the politics of why things happened. I am more curious about what the future of PSOUG looks like, specifically things like the famed DBA Boot Camp. Obviously, Mr. Morgan will still be heavily involved in his own efforts - I cannot help but to wonder what PSOUG's role will be.


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