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Call for Papers: Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco (and Develop) 2010

There is no better place than Oracle OpenWorld to present your ideas, experiences, and accomplishments to the world's biggest gathering of Oracle Customers, Developers, and Partners. Tens of thousands of the world's most active developers and most demanding users will be on hand to hear what you have to say.

Oracle News / Oracle Magazine, March/April 2010
« on: March 01, 2010, 05:05:01 PM »
Oracle Magazine, March/April 2010

Oracle Magazine March/April features articles on enterprise software applications, application grid architecture, partitions, Tom Kyte on Edition-Based Redefinition, Oracle Application Express and much more.

Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Security Whitepaper

Secure your Excel front ends for ADF

Building Oracle ADF Applications with Ant and JUnit

New articles in the development essentials series

On-Demand Video: Mark Reinhold's JDK 7 Roundup

The principal engineer for Java SE/OpenJDK riffs on significant new features, the ongoing process to unify the HotSpot and JRockit JVMs, and the "closures" controversy.

Download: Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g Release 1 (

Demonstrating its commitment to the developer and open source communities, Oracle has announced the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g R1, introducing key new capabilities for Java Web Applications, Web Services and Oracle WebLogic Server tools.

How to Develop with ADF Business Components for Multiple Databases

New how-to document

Demos - Integrating Oracle ADF with  Oracle SOA Suite

New online demos section

Oracle Security Alerts / OTN: Critical Patch Update - January 2010
« on: February 08, 2010, 03:05:01 PM »
Critical Patch Update - January 2010


Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2010-0073 - February 2010

Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2010-0073

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