Author Topic: Oracle's Sun Deal: Oracle May Need to Loosen Its Grip  (Read 4297 times)


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Oracle's Sun Deal: Oracle May Need to Loosen Its Grip
« on: November 09, 2009, 08:57:05 AM »
Oracle's Sun Deal: Oracle May Need to Loosen Its Grip
While the Oracle-Sun merger is likely to be O.K.'d, the European Union will probably ask Oracle to give up some control over MySQL, Sun's open-source software

When Oracle announced its $7.4 billion acquisition of SunMicrosystems in April, the software behemoth was acting on a grand vision. The deal was part of Oracle's aim to become a soup-to-nuts supplier of everything companies need to run their computer systems,from chips and operating systems to databases and business programs.The grand plan may need some revision.

In order to alleviate pressure from European Union regulators worried about Oracle's growing power, Oracle may be forced to give up some control of a key aspect of the deal: the open-source MySQL database software owned by Sun.

The EU wants to make sure Oracle doesn't stifle competition in the $19-billion-a-year database market as it tries to complete its acquisition of Sun,which makes computer systems and software including the Java programming language and MySQL database, a kind of electronic filing system.

"Taking a Tough Stance"
MySQL, available free of charge, runs the Web sites of some of the Internet's biggest brands. Among them: Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo."They're taking a tough stance because 10 years down the road this could be a pretty big competitor to Oracle," says a securities analyst who asked not to be named because he was expressing personal views on the deal.

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