Author Topic: Is Oracle Forking Red Hat Linux?  (Read 4181 times)


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Is Oracle Forking Red Hat Linux?
« on: March 21, 2009, 06:28:38 AM »
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Is Oracle Forking Red Hat Linux?

For nearly three years, Oracle has had its own version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, claiming the two versions are essentially the same thing. But are they really?

As it turns out, there are a few things on which Oracle and Red Hat do not see eye-to-eye, including file systems and virtualization.

The article quotes Wim Coekaerts, Oracle's director of Linux engineering, saying, "A lot of people think Oracle is doing Enterprise Linux as just basically a rip off of Red Hat, but that's not what this is about," Wim Coekaerts, director of Linux engineering at Oracle, told "This is about a support program, and wanting to offer quality Linux OS support to customers that need it. The Linux distribution part is there just to make sure people can get a freely available Linux operating system that is fully supported."

"We don't want to create a new Linux distribution that is different from Red Hat, because the issue is about support and not the software itself," Coekaerts added.

Yet, as it turns out, Oracle Enterprise Linus's binary compatibility does not mean that its version is entirely identical to Red Hat's. In fact, there are some important differences, including support for a key file system technology.

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