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Solaris No Longer Free As In Beer
« on: March 31, 2010, 07:53:01 AM »
Solaris No Longer Free As In Beer

Oracle, having acquired Sun Microsystems, including its Unix, will no longer give away free Solaris licenses. Oracle also states that some features of its Oracle Solaris will not appear in OpenSolaris, which means OpenSolaris may start to die.

Oracle has started closing the 'free as in beer' shops of Sun Microsystem. According to reports the free Solaris operating system is no longer free of cost.

Rebranded Oracle Solaris, the UNIX OS will now be available for a 90 day trial version and then users have to pay to buy a license. Earlier, under Sun, the OS was available for free but users had an option to buy support from Sun. This may seem OK for enterprise customers as cost of OS is minuscule compared to cost of services. Companies like Oracle generate extremely thick revenues through services and support.

But bad news is for the community as Open Solaris has an uncertain future. Oracle has made clear that not all features from Oracle Solaris will be added to Open Solaris. Oracle may not even release the code of most of the new features of Oracle Solaris thus keep an edge over UNIX competitors and community version. While price factor does not matter much, the code factor does matter a lot.

Dan Roberts, director of Solaris product management at Oracle had earlier said, "There may be some things we choose not to open source going forward, similar to how MySQL manages certain value-add(s) at the top of the stack. It's important to understand the plan now is to deliver value again out of our IP investment, while at the same time measuring that with continuing to deliver OpenSolaris in the open."

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