Author Topic: Latest Northwest Oracle Users Group (NWOUG) News  (Read 4035 times)


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Latest Northwest Oracle Users Group (NWOUG) News
« on: March 25, 2009, 07:54:06 AM »
Several exciting changes have happened at NWOUG since you have last heard from us! The NWOUG board has two new members, we have updated our website, and we have some new opportunities for vendors to be involved with our membership base.

* New Board Members *
Kamesh Naidoo has joined the NWOUG board in the capacity of content coordinator. Most recently she finished coordinating a full-house Lunch & Learn, and is ramping up for the next one. She will also be responsible for coordinating presentations for our conference this fall.

I am replacing Ann Miller in the capacity of vendor relations. You have worked with Ann for many years, and I hope to provide you with excellent service and opportunities as well.

* New Website *
We are excited about our newly revised website If you havenít checked on it in awhile, you will find that the new website is more intuitive, and offers some great features to our members. This is an excellent opportunity to provide additional information that you would find beneficial as a vendor. So any suggestions you have for content in our corner, please e-mail me at

* Lunch & Learn *
As a board, we continually strive to find ways to educate members, and one of our best tools is the Lunch & Learn (L&L). Based in either Portland or Seattle, they provide our members with new skills and/or ideas.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our vendors and members to share time outside of the annual conference. By sponsoring an L&L you have the opportunity to provide our members with a value added functional or technical presentation and a meal. Attendance is limited only by the space you are able to provide.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting an L&L in either Portland or Seattle.

* Fall 2009 Conference *
The planning phase of the Fall 2009 conference is well underway, and while I canít give away any of the thunder here, you will soon be receiving detailed information. I will say that we are excited by our Keynote speaker, and believe that our members will be as well.

I want to express our sincere apology to those of you with us last year. The hotelís decision to separate our vendors from the rest of the conference was disappointing, and diminished an important relationship.

Your inclusion was our highest concern when selecting a new location for this yearís conference. Thank you for being there with us, you are very important to us and we value your contribution to our community.

Nate Paul
Vendor Relations