Author Topic: Customer Feature: "Public and Private Clouds: Making It Work"  (Read 5156 times)


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Customer Feature: "Public and Private Clouds: Making It Work"

Companies are using Oracle technologies to build private clouds, and
integrate with public clouds, while ensuring security.

Embry-Riddle uses Oracle Identity Manager to manage a large, dynamic user population efficiently and securely, automatically provisioning and deprovisioning access privileges and requirements as students, faculty, and staff change. This identity management system, part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, enables the university to avail itself of both public and private cloud computing services, as well as hosted applications from an application service provider—and yet still provide users with a consistent online experience.

“The low cost and obvious convenience of cloud services makes them appealing, but you need to be able to control access, manage identities, and provision resources safely,” says Eric Fisher, director of middleware at Embry-Riddle. “Oracle identity management tools help us overcome some of the resistance with respect to ‘who owns my data,’ data security, authorizing access to IT resources, management, control, and so forth.”

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