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Feature: "Software. Hardware. Complete."
« on: April 30, 2010, 04:05:02 PM »
Feature: "Software. Hardware. Complete."

Oracle finalizes the acquisition of Sun, heralding a new beginning.

The completion of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun in January 2010 was big news for Sun customers, but it’s also big news for Oracle customers and enterprises in general. The combined assets of the two companies offer organizations an unsurpassed breadth of products from disk and storage systems to servers, database, middleware, applications, and management tools.

The combination of Oracle’s enterprise software with Sun’s software, hardware, and storage systems provides a complete stack that can be integrated into solutions that are optimized for higher performance, improved reliability, and enhanced security. (See the “Delivering a Complete Technology Stack” sidebar for more information.)

“Having a complete stack is something that we’ve wanted for years,” says David Maitland, CIO and director of corporate services at Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). “The combination of Oracle and Sun products now provides us a top-to-bottom, integrated, open-infrastructure stack.”

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