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October Technical Presentation: Protecting Your Database Against Web-Borne Threats

This informative visual aid is courtesy of XKCD.com

It's funny, but only if it doesn't happen to you.

Be afraid; be very afraid. Malicious users, malware-driven botnets, and "black hat" hackers can wreak havoc on your database, change or destroy your data, and cause untold problems and financial losses if they aren't stopped at the gate. The Internet is now home to large numbers of 'bots and people whose sole goal in life is to compromise your servers and web sites. If you don't know how to effectively screen incoming data, your company is at risk. These days it's no longer a matter of if someone will try to hack you, but when. Learn how to mitigate web threats, screen incoming (and outgoing) data, prevent cross-site scripting, protect against "form fuzzing", and a host of other exploits at the October PSOUG user group meeting. Learn the secrets of safely accepting user input from web forms and flat files, and find out how to easily test your site and code for vulnerabilities.

The bad news is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to hack a web site and its associated databases these days- "script kiddies" and sophisticated, freely-available hacking kits are everywhere. The good news is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to protect against these threats, either. Simple techniques can substantially harden your site and your databases against common threats and exploits. Hacker, bots, and script kiddies look for the low-hanging fruit, but if you make it difficult for them to operate, they'll move on to easier targets. If you don't properly sanitize your data, you will be hacked.

Don't be the low-hanging fruit- watch this presentation. Code samples and walk-throughs will be available to PSOUG members in the Member Services section of the site.

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