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Snippet Name: Display and release DBMS_LOCK locks

Description: Release DBMS_LOCK locks on database.

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Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: March 02nd, 2009

SET serveroutput ON size 50000
col name format a30
SET veri off feed off pagesize 50000
cle scr
prompt Please enter the USER's login id:
select *
from   sys.dbms_lock_allocated
where  upper(name) like upper('%&userid.%');
prompt Please enter lockid to release:
        rc integer;
        rc := dbms_lock.release('&lockid');
        if rc = 0 then
        elsif rc = 3 then
                dbms_output.put_line('Parameter Error.');
        elsif rc = 4 then
                dbms_output.put_line('DO NOT own LOCK specified.');
        elsif rc = 5 then
                dbms_output.put_line('Illegal LOCK handled.');
                dbms_output.put_line('Unknown error.');
        end if;

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