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Snippet Name: XSS Sanitizer Function

Description: Data sanitizing function for cleaning out malicious code or characters from input data. Helps guard against Cross Site Scripting attacks (XSS)

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Last Modified: March 16th, 2009

 * NOTE all credits goes to codeigniter.com
 * @param string $str - string to check
 * @param string $charset - character set (default ISO-8859-1)
 * @return string|bool $value sanitized string
FUNCTION ft_xss($str, $charset = 'ISO-8859-1') {
    * Remove Null Characters
    * This prevents sandwiching null characters
    * between ASCII characters, like Java\0script.
    $str = PREG_REPLACE('/\0+/', '', $str);
    $str = PREG_REPLACE('/(\\\\0)+/', '', $str);
    * Validate standard character entities
    * Add a semicolon if missing.  We do this to enable
    * the conversion of entities to ASCII later.
    $str = PREG_REPLACE('#(&\#*\w+)[\x00-\x20]+;#u',"\\1;",$str);
    * Validate UTF16 two byte encoding (x00)
    * Just as above, adds a semicolon if missing.
    $str = PREG_REPLACE('#(&\#x*)([0-9A-F]+);*#iu',"\\1\\2;",$str);
    * URL Decode
    * Just in case stuff like this is submitted:
    * <a href="http://%77%77%77%2E%67%6F%6F%67%6C%65%2E%63%6F%6D">Google</a>
    * Note: Normally urldecode() would be easier but it removes plus signs
    $str = PREG_REPLACE("/%u0([a-z0-9]{3})/i", "

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