A special offer for PSOUG members only!

From now until October 31st, all PSOUG members can get $50.00 off the price of any course from SQL University! This discount applies to any course or courses you sign up for between now and October 31st, 2009.

Here's how to get this discount:

  1. Sign up as a student at SQLUniversity.net (free!)
  2. Sign in and select any course.
  3. At the Course Confirmation form, enter the coupon code 'SQLU8zR9P' into the coupon code box.
  4. At the next screen you'll see your discounted course price, plus a message indicating that your discount is being applied!

NOTE: This discount is ONLY for PSOUG members. PLEASE do not give this discount code to non-PSOUG members. EOM; // get footer include('/var/www/virtual/psoug.org/htdocs/footer.php'); ?>