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 Oracle PL/SQL Code Library and Resources
PSOUG.org is an Oracle community resource dedicated to supporting users and developers of the Oracle database.

We provide an extensive code and reference library as well as programming resources that apply to or can be used with Oracle.

Oracle Code Library (formerly 'Morgan's Library'Oracle PL/SQL Code Library
  Our award-winning Oracle PL/SQL code library with thousands of examples, explanations, and sample code.
real time quotes mySQL Code Library
  Hundreds of useful mySQL code snippets you can use to enhance and expand your projects and applications.
PHP Code LibraryPHP Code Library
  Hundreds of fully tested PHP code samples and snippets that get almost any job done quickly and easily.
Javascript Code Library Javascript Code Library
  Engage the power of JavaScript and AJAX to make web pages with useful, desktop-level functionality.
Search the Code LibrarySearch the Code Library
  Use the advanced search to find what you need in the Code Library by keywords, category, or language.
Oracle User Group DirectoryOracle User Group Directory
  Our worldwide directory of Oracle User Groups. If you'd like your Oracle User Group listed here, please add it.
Oracle Error CodesOracle Error Code Library 
  Oracle Error Codes reference library with explanations of the problem code, the cause, and how to fix or resolve it.
Oracle Definition ListOracle Terms & Definition List 
  Clear, concise definitions for all Oracle PL/SQL terms, functions, and keywords, with syntax and examples.

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