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Oracle Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)
Version 10.2
Download From Metalink
Description Metalink Doc ID Contents
RDA 4.x FAQ and Index 314422.1 RDA Frequently Asked Questions
RDA for RAC Clusters 359395.1 Instructions and download for RAC

Step 1: Unzip Files
Unix Windows
tar -xvf rda.tar
tar -cxvf rda.gz
use any Windows utility
Step 2: Read Instructions
Unix Windows
README_Unix.txt README_Windows.txt

Step 3: Verify Installation
Unix Windows -cv rda.cmd -cv

Step 4: Run Setup
Unix Windows -S or -S rda -S

The script continues on for many more pages of questions as part of the configuration

Step 5: Run RDA
Unix Windows -v or -v rda -v
To view RDA Open RDA_INDEX.htm from the RDA output directory
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