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Snippet Name: Instant Test Database with DCBA

Description: DBCA is what you need to create a test database in only 5 mins.

Boss: "I want a database to test the new application, do it ASAP!"

You, 5 minutes later: "Boss, here's your database!"

DBCA enables you to perform the following tasks:

- Creating a Database with DBCA
- Configuring Database Options with DBCA
- Deleting a Database with DBCA
- Managing Templates with DBCA
- Configuring Automatic Storage Management with DBCA

Online Help is available by clicking Help. It provides information that guides you in selecting configuration options.

Starting DBCA

To launch DBCA:

1) Log on to your computer as a member of the administrative group that is authorized to install Oracle software and create and run the database.

2) To launch DBCA on a Windows operating system, click Start and then select Programs, Oracle - home_name, Configuration and Migration Tools, and then Database Configuration Assistant.

To launch the DBCA on UNIX, or as another method on a Windows operating system, enter the following command at a system prompt:


The dbca utility is typically located in ORACLE_HOME/bin.

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Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: March 05th, 2009

dbca -Silent -CreateDatabase -gdbName $you_oracle_db_name 
-templateName $template_name [-characterSet] 
[-nationalCharacterSet] [-datafileDestination] 
[-databaseType] ....
-- This command should all be on ONE line!
C:\>%oracle_home%\bin\dbca -Silent -createDatabase -gdbName 
myoracle -templateName %oracle_home%\assistants\dbca\templates\General_Purpose.dbc 
-characterSet WE8MSWIN1252 -nationalCharacterSet ALU32UTF16 
-datafileDestination c:\temp -databaseType MULTIPURPOSE
Copying database files
1% complete
3% complete
11% complete
18% complete
26% complete
37% complete
Creating AND starting Oracle instance
40% complete
45% complete
50% complete
55% complete
56% complete
57% complete
60% complete
62% complete
Completing Database Creation
66% complete
70% complete
73% complete
85% complete
96% complete
100% complete
Look AT the LOG file "c:\oracle\product\1020\cfgtoollogs\dbca\myoracle\myoracle0.log" 
FOR further details.

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