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Snippet Name: Auto-Link words

Description: Automatically turns every instance of a word into a link.

While functionality like this is best done on the server side, there might also be a need for a JavaScript solution, so here goes:

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Last Modified: February 27th, 2009

  written by Christian Heilmann (http://wait-till-i.com)
  automatically turns words defined in the object obj into 
  The object obj sent as a paramater needs to contain all the words
  properties and the associated URLs as values.
  Demo object: 
FUNCTION linkWord(obj){
  FOR(i IN obj){
    VAR x = document.body.innerHTML;
    VAR linkStart = '<a href="'+obj[i]+'">';     
    VAR linkEnd = '</a>';     
    VAR reg = NEW RegExp ('\\b' + i + '\\b','g');
    x = x.replace(reg, linkStart + i + linkEnd);
    document.body.innerHTML = x;
Demo output follows

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