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In Oracle PL/SQL, the ALL_REPOBJECT dictionary view maintains the information about all the objects in the replicating groups, which can be accessed by the current user. Note that object-replication group share a one-to-one relationship.

The structure of the view is shown below.

SNAME [VARCHAR2(30)] - Schema name containing the object
ONAME [VARCHAR2(30)] - Object name
TYPE [VARCHAR2(16)] - Object type
STATUS [VARCHAR2(10)] - Last request status
GENERATION_STATUS [VARCHAR2(9)] - Package replication required status
ID [NUMBER] - Local object identifier
OBJECT_COMMENT [VARCHAR2(80)] - Object description
GNAME [VARCHAR2(30)] - Replicated object group name
MIN_COMMUNICATION [VARCHAR2(1)] - Determines the communication required for update
REPLICATION_TRIGGER_EXISTS [VARCHAR2(1)] - Determines whether replicating trigger exists
INTERNAL_PACKAGE_EXISTS [VARCHAR2(1)] - Determines whether internal package exists
GROUP_OWNER [VARCHAR2(30)] - Replicating object group owner
NESTED_TABLE [VARCHAR2(1)] - Determines whether replicating object is storage table or not

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