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Term: TRUE

The Oracle TRUE condition is returned when an expression is evaluated that satisfies the expression's test. The simplest form of this is "does Value_1 equal Value_2"?

For example:

1 = 1 will return TRUE because the expression is evaluated as being true (that is, '1' really does equal '1').

1= 3 WILL return FALSE.

'cat' = 'dog' will return FALSE.

However, TRUE may be returned as the test for a non-empty set. For example, you have a table named 'Users' which contains a row where the column 'First_Name' has the text 'john' in it.

SELECT * FROM Users WHERE First_Name = 'john'

The result of the SQL above will return a positive number of rows. The result of the SQL expression is considered 'TRUE' and any logical test on the result would be evaluated as 'TRUE'.
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