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Snippet Name: INDEXES: Bitmap Indexes

Description: In most cases bitmap indexes are considered to be most appropriate for columns having low distinct values—such as GENDER, MARITAL_STATUS, and RELATION. This assumption is not completely accurate, however. In reality, a bitmap index is always preferable for systems where the data is not frequently updated by multiple concurrent systems.

The advantages of bitmap indexes are that they have a highly compressed structure, making them fast to read and their structure makes it possible for the system to combine multiple indexes together for fast access to the underlying table.

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Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: March 10th, 2009

-- Table Index:
  CREATE [UNIQUE|BITMAP] INDEX [schema.]index_name
      ON [schema.]table_name [tbl_alias]
         (col [ASC | DESC]) index_clause index_attribs
-- Bitmap Join Index:
   CREATE [UNIQUE|BITMAP] INDEX [schema.]index_name
      ON [schema.]table_name [tbl_alias]
         (col_expression [ASC | DESC])
            FROM [schema.]table_name [tbl_alias]
               WHERE condition [index_clause] index_attribs
-- Cluster Index:
   CREATE [UNIQUE|BITMAP] INDEX [schema.]index_name
      ON CLUSTER [schema.]cluster_name index_attribs

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