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Snippet Name: Search and Replace On Every Field In Every Table

Description: This script will do a global search and replace on every field in every table in a given database. It gets the tables, then loops across them getting the columns, doing a search and replace.

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Language: PHP
Highlight Mode: PHP
Last Modified: May 28th, 2010

// configuration settings 
// change this to the mysql server host
DEFINE('MYSQL_SERVER_HOST', 'localhost'); 
// change this to the correct username
// change this to the correct password
// change this to the correct database 
DEFINE('OLD_TEXT', 'pirates');
DEFINE('NEW_TEXT', 'ninjas');
// connect to the server and database 
$con = mysql_connect (MYSQL_SERVER_HOST, MYSQL_SERVER_USERNAME, MYSQL_SERVER_PASSWORD) or DIE(SPRINTF ('Error (%d): %s', mysql_errno(), mysql_error()));
mysql_select_db (MYSQL_DATABASE, $con) or DIE(SPRINTF('Error (%d): %s', mysql_errno(), mysql_error()));
// this is the mysql query that will do the text replacement 
$sql = SPRINTF ('UPDATE `%%s` SET %%s=REPLACE(%%s, %s, %s)', OLD_TEXT, NEW_TEXT);
// next get all database information 
$r1 = mysql_query(SPRINTF('SHOW TABLES FROM `%s`', MYSQL_DATABASE)) or DIE(SPRINTF('Error (%d): %s', mysql_errno(), mysql_error()));
WHILE ($d1 = mysql_fetch_row ($r1)){
  $r2 = mysql_query(SPRINTF('SHOW COLUMNS FROM `%s`', $d1[0])) or DIE(SPRINTF('Error (%d): %s', mysql_errno(), mysql_error()));
  WHILE ($d2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($r2)){
    $r3 = mysql_query(SPRINTF($sql, $d1[0], $d2['Field'], $d2['Field'])) or DIE(SPRINTF('Error (%d): %s', mysql_errno(), mysql_error()));

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