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Snippet Name: Simple image scaling

Description: Simple way of scaling any image to fit either given width or height.

If you are tired of manually manipulating the layout with images, try this code.

The given image will be scaled either if it is too wide or too high or both, down to the set values. It will be nicely scaled by maintaining the aspect ratio.

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Language: PHP
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Last Modified: March 16th, 2009

$width=300;    //size in pixel 
$height=300;   //size in pixel 
<img src="<? echo $image ?>" border="0" <? check_image($image) ?> > 
Include this function in your scripts: 
FUNCTION check_image($image,$cfgMaxImgWidth,$cfgMaxImgHeight) 
    GLOBAL $strNewImageSize,$cfgMaxImgWidth,$cfgMaxImgHeight; 
        $strNewImageSize="width=$newImgWidth height=$newImgHeight"; 
        $strNewImageSize="width=$newImgWidth height=$newImgHeight"; 
    ECHO $strNewImageSize; 

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