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Snippet Name: Simple one-line template engine

Description: Very slick, very fast one-line template engine. Faster than Smarty. Items to be replaced are surrounded by '{|" and '|}' tags. The template page can be pre-loaded at any time and then run through the template engine. All items surrounded by the '{|" and '|}' tags will be replaces by the corresponding vars in the '$page_vars' array. Javascript may be embedded freely in the page without interfering with the template engine's operation.

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Language: PHP
Highlight Mode: PHP
Last Modified: March 20th, 2010

// sample page that calls the template engine
$page_vars['sample_var_1'] = 'THE PAGE';
$page_vars['sample_var_2'] = 'SOME  DATA';
$page_vars['testvar'] = 'MORE DATA';
$template_file = "testpage.tpl";
PRINT $data;
// template engine
IF(COUNT($page_vars) == 0){PRINT "No data passed to render engine.";exit;}
$data = PREG_REPLACE("/\{\|([^\{]{1,100}?)\|\}/e", "\$page_vars['$1']",FILE_GET_CONTENTS($template_file));
<!-- sample template page -->
<div class='myclass'>{|sample_var_1|}</div>
<div class='myclass'>{|testvar|}</div>

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